In line with the admissions policy of Lancashire County Council, children may be admitted to the school at the start of the school year in which they are five years of age (that is, the September prior to their fifth birthday.)

Any parent who anticipates that they wish to seek admission to the school for their children in future years are advised to contact the Head teacher, who will help arrange a visit to the school during the school day.

Applications must be made by parents and carers on-line using the common application form. The supplementary form is available from the school as a paper application. The supplementary form should be returned to the preferred primary school.

It is not normally possible to change your preference for a school after the closing date. The placing of a name on this posting list does not guarantee a place at the school, nor does it absolve parents, who for any reason have not sent in an appropriate application, from their responsibility to secure, complete and return the official Form of Application. Nor should parents who do so, take it that, by acquiring, completing and sending to the Local Authority a Form of Application, those actions constitute the award of a place.

Applications for admission to the Reception Class at St James’ should be made soon after the start of the autumn term. In Lancashire, the school’s own Application Form is supplementary to the LEA form and both must be completed. Following consultations with the Diocesan Board of Education, the Local Education Authority and other admissions authorities, the school provides for a total of not more than 30 Reception children.

The total number of places for YR this year, after consultation with the Local Education Authority, will be a maximum of 30. The Governors will not place any restrictions on admissions to the reception class, Class R, unless they are advised that the number of children for whom admission is sought is likely to exceed 30. By law, no Infant Class with one teacher may contain more than 30 children.

Children are all admitted in September at the beginning of the school year in which they become five. For the first week, Reception children are admitted in small groups. We find this helps them to settle into school with less upset. Before admission to the school, visits are organised for the children, also, parents’ meetings are arranged so that information can be shared and questions raised. This is a vital process as we see home and school as a partnership to support each child. An induction pack is given to parents, which includes suggestions about how parents can help prepare their children for starting school. If there are more applicants than places, the Governing Body will allocate places using the following criteria, which are listed in order of priority:

1. Children in Care, children with statements of special educational needs naming the school or special medical or social circumstances affecting the child where these needs can only be met at this school.

2. Children who have a sibling attending the school on the date of application and on the date of admission.

3. Children with a parent/guardian worshipping in a church in membership of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland; to a maximum of 22.

4. Other children.